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A Summary of our Rights:
First Amendment
: Our Right to freely express ourselves; to speak, protest, report, assemble, petition, etc.

Second Amendment: Our Right to own weapons, with which to defend ourselves and our country - shall not be infringed. (The people are the Militia; the final lines in the defense of our land from enemies foreign and domestic.)

Third Amendment: Soldiers may not take-over your home.

Fourth Amendment: The right to privacy; to not have your personal items, papers, records, etc., be searched without descriptive Warrant supported by Oath that there is Probable Cause to do any such search or seizure.

Fifth Amendment: The right to not be compelled to be a witness against yourself, except in service in time of war (from which "the right to remain silent" is derived); The right to not be twice put in jeopardy for the same criminal case; The right to not have your life, liberty, or property taken without due process of law; And the right to not have your property confiscated for public use without just compensation.

Sixth Amendment: Court cases: the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial Jury in the place where the crime was committed; the right to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the person witnessing against you; to have a witness in your favor and to have assistance in your defense.

Seventh Amendment: The right to a Jury when the value in controversy exceeds twenty dollars; Federal courts may not be used to reexamine facts already established by the local court unless the law so allows.

Eighth Amendment: No excessive bail or punishment is allowed; torture shall not be used as a form of punishment.

Ninth Amendment: This Bill of Rights can not be used to deprive the People of rights not already mentioned here.

Tenth Amendment: All powers not delegated by the Constitution belong ultimately to the People and the States - not the United States Federal Government!

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